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Upcoming Exhibitions
Nancy Worden, Lunar Phase Amulet 

Protective Ornament: Contemporary Amulets to Armor
October 18, 2014—February 1, 2015

Protective Ornament: Contemporary Amulets to Armor showcases nearly 100 works—including helmets, brass knuckles, breastplates, aggressive or defensive jewelry, chain mail, amulets, talismans, and protective gear—designed to address issues of protection and empowerment in the face of everyday perils and social challenges. Ranging from protective hardware (physical fortification) and protective “software” (faith-based adornment), the array of contemporary works underlines the crucial safeguarding function of jewelry and other wearable ornaments.  Organized by the National Ornamental Metal Museum Foundation.

Mary Lucier, Plains of Sweet Regret, 2004 

Mary Lucier: The Plains of Sweet Regret
November 22, 2014—February 8, 2015

Mary Lucier: The Plains of Sweet Regret is a sweeping and poignant response to the austere landscape of the northern Great Plains and the resilience of the inhabitants who live and work in the harsh terrain. Without sentimentality, Lucier examines abandoned towns and farmsteads and looks closely at scenes of cattle ranching and rodeos. The installation records remnants left by historical changes to the region’s farming and ranching economy before the recent energy boom. George Strait’s country song “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” punctuates the installation, mirroring the hope and persistence of a rodeo rider with the difficulties of daily life on the on the northern plains. The Plains of Sweet Regret was created in collaboration with composer and musician Earl Howard and commissioned by the North Dakota Museum of Art as part of their Emptying Out of the Plains initiative. Organized by Tacoma Art Museum.



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Images, top to bottom: Nancy Worden, Lunar Phase Amulet, 1997. Silver, 18k gold, coins, carnelian, found object. 29 x 2¾ x 1 inches. Photo: Rex Rystedt. Mary Lucier, The Plains of Sweet Regret, 2004. Five-channel video/sound installation. Collection of the artist.


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